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Cobos helps Konstoitlen Lelystad out of the fire for now: “The pressure is off now”

De Kubus allowed Kunstuitleen Lelystad to remain in its current space until a replacement could be found elsewhere in the city. This means that Kunstuitleen will not have to leave the building at the end of this year.

De Kubus canceled the lease because the cultural institution needed Kunstuitleen's existing space for its “core activities”. Initially, Kunstweitlen should officially leave the building at the end of 2024. President Erik Bijvank The alarm sounded in March Because Kunstuitleen needs at least three quarters of a year to move. However, commercial space is expensive and there is no other space available yet.

Bigvank: There may be an option for another room, but that may take some time. The pressure is over for us now. “We can continue our activities in peace.”

Agora Theater pictured

According to Bigvank, that other space is very likely the Agora Theater. But this still needs thorough investigation. It would be a beautiful match: art and culture. Because in addition to renting and selling artworks, we also want to have more gallery function, appearance is very important to us.

Local art

the Lelystad Art Library It is an organization of local and national artists. Their work exists in the space in the cube and can be borrowed there. Exhibitions such as the one in the city hall are also organised. Approximately 156 artists belong to Kunstuitleen and their space contains approximately 750 artworks.