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Code orange: RMI warns of localized thunderstorms...

Code orange: RMI warns of localized thunderstorms…

The Republic of the Marshall Islands warns of thunderstorms Tuesday evening. It can be accompanied by a lot of local rain and is located in the central part of the country, around a line between Tournai and Hasselt and there is not much traffic at this time at the moment. KMI reports this Tuesday evening. The rains cause severe disturbance in several places in the country. The contingency plan has been announced in Sint-Truiden.

Heavy rain fell from the sky on Tuesday evening, especially in Bagutenland. including jowick On Hern Lots of rain fell. In Hearn, the mayor began the municipal phase of the disaster plan. After all, the municipality was under a heavy attack that flooded dozens of streets and houses. There is also a flood in the upper parts of the municipality, without which you would never have to deal with such problems. The fire brigade was sent to pump out as much water as possible with the help of local farmers. Sandbags are also distributed.

at San Genesius Rudy This is also the case, and even to the extent that the mayor has also announced the municipal phase of the disaster plan there. Many homes and streets were again flooded. The residents of the municipality are out of luck again, because a thunderstorm earlier this month already wreaked havoc on the municipality.

It also rained heavily in the sub-community of Zötlius in Halle-Boenhoven in East Flemish Brabant, but the damage was limited. “Five streets were inundated with torrential rain and mud that came from the fields,” says Mayor Bowdoin Herbots. Salt Lion. Water entered six houses and one house was hit by lightning. But in the end, the damage wasn’t too bad.”

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Also the Percel area Alsemberg Suffers from floods on Tuesday evening. The Leuvenstraat in You have A nuisance to work in progress.

Flooding also occurred in southern Limburg on Tuesday evening. Including Zoutstraat in St. Troyden It was empty in no time. at waves People can collect sandbags from technical service. In Wellen Mayor Els Robeyns (Vooruit), water made its way into her home.

The basement of her home was also flooded. “Meanwhile, it is raining here from all sides along the roof. The electricity has gone out. The technical service personnel have been warned to fill and prepare the sandbags,” the mayor said on her Facebook page.

Photo: The Robeyns

Local police also warned St. Troyden Gingelome Nyurkirken of flooding. “It no longer crosses or on roads with a lot of water. Not only does it cause more flooding for neighbours, but people can also do serious damage to their vehicle. Sewer covers usually come with water.” Just like last Sunday, they were There are also problems with Zutendaal.

still in St. Troyden City Hall was closed Tuesday evening. The crisis cell is currently meeting at the fire station to discuss the situation in Sint-Truiden and the municipal emergency plan has been announced. Residents are being asked not to drive their cars on flooded streets anymore.

The Sint-Truiden Fire Brigade is being reinforced by the Beringen Brigades, Heusden Zolder and Tessenderloo from the emergency area in southwest Limburg. Sint-Truiden offers sandbags.

Municipal lanakin It was again hit by torrential floods due to heavy rain on Tuesday, after it was also hit by bad weather on Sunday. According to Mayor Marino Quillen (Open VLD), more than 100 basements in his municipality were under water. Houses in Nirharin and Rekim were particularly affected.

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The storm also hit other streets in Lanaken. Fire brigades and technical services are working hard to provide assistance. “The neighbors are also showing the human side, and I’m grateful for that,” Mayor Colon said.

Floods also occurred in Pilsen, Odesbergen, Höthalen-Hilstein and Genk. The emergency zone fire brigade in eastern Limburg received more than 300 calls for flooding from 19:30 onwards. “This is a lot. We have sent as many teams as possible and are closely monitoring the situation. We are doing our best to visit everyone as soon as possible,” the East Limburg Fire Brigade said.

Mayor Alan Yzerman (Forweet) from Houthalen-Helchteren Talk about a cloud explosion. “There was heavy rain in our municipality over Kolmenlan, Brillierstraat, Groenestraat, Mullenberg, Lach Center, Central Houthalen itself and parts of East Houthalen. The fire brigade is inundated with questions. We have deployed different teams,” Mayor Wezerman said.

code orange

The orange code applies to all Walloon, Brussels, Limburg and Flemish Brabant provinces. Code yellow applies to Antwerp and East Flanders.

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday it will be dry from the north, but the area of ​​precipitation will remain over the south and southeast of the country. As a result, a lot of rain can fall in the southern half of the country.