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Code yellow in West Flanders due to heavy rain, helpline 1722 |  Weather News

Code yellow in West Flanders due to heavy rain, helpline 1722 | Weather News

look. David Dehenau’s weather forecast for the coming days

Number 1722 is for non-life-threatening situations, such as storms or water damage that require firefighters. In this way, the emergency line 112 can be reserved for potentially life-threatening situations. The easiest way to contact 1722 is via the online counter The request is sent directly to the fire brigade. It is also possible to call 1722. The call will then go to the operators of the 112 emergency centres. They handle firstly urgent calls to number 112, and only secondarily with calls to number 1722.

The Ministry of Interior advises you to wait patiently until the fire brigade arrives and not to contact them again. She added: “The fire brigade looks at each case individually and prioritizes those who may be in mortal danger.” “During a storm or flood, the fire brigade has to deal with many requests at the same time, and you have to wait a little longer because the fire brigade first has to help people in danger.”

The Republic of the Marshall Islands warned Monday morning of heavy rains in the west and northwest of the country. Heavy rainfall amounts of between 10 and 20 l/m2 are expected until early this afternoon, especially in West Flanders, where code yellow applies. With the rainfall that has already fallen yesterday and tonight (5-15 l/m2), a total of 35 l/m2 could be reached in some places.

weather forecast. We have a fall week ahead of us, and it’s variable today with high temperatures reaching 12 degrees

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Therefore, the week will start partly cloudy with local rain. Maximum temperatures range between 7 and 12 degrees, with wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. This morning The sky may be clear in some places, but on the coast it will be cloudy with particularly thundery rain. In the afternoon, the weather will be partly cloudy in all areas, and the weather will be partly cloudy in all areas, with the possibility of rain.

Tonight The opportunity remains for rain to fall on the coast and in the far south-east of the country. Elsewhere, the chance of rain will decrease and the weather will become largely dry again. Lowest between 4 and 9 degrees.

Tuesday The weather will be partly cloudy with some rain locally. The chance of rain is slightly greater in the coastal area and in the Ardennes. Maximum temperatures range between 7 and 12 degrees. Winds will be moderate to somewhat strong, southwesterly, with speeds ranging between 50 and 60 kilometers per hour.

Wednesday It starts with low clouds in the Ardennes region and some clear skies elsewhere. However, the cloud cover is increasing very quickly and a new rain area reaches our country from the west during the afternoon. We achieve maximum temperatures from 7 to 12 degrees. There are moderate to somewhat strong winds.

Thursday The rain area leaves our country quickly across the southeast at the beginning of the day. After that, the weather will be partly cloudy with some rain falling on the coastal areas. With moderate to fairly strong southwesterly winds, temperatures will not rise more than 7 to 11 degrees.

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Friday After a new rain zone passes, the situation becomes more unstable with rainfall. This is particularly the case at sea and in the Ardennes. Stays fresh with maximum temperatures ranging from 6 to 11 degrees.