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Colossal Order releases first performance patch for Cities: Skylines 2 on Steam – Games – News

According to CityPlannerPlays, they also released several performance patches the week before the release in beta/pre-release, so these developers are working hard.

Additionally, they definitely had a closed beta, these are YouTubers and reviewers who you can watch content and videos from weeks before the release. Some of these people have even had access to alpha versions of the game for several months, and a couple of them I know were able to play the pre-alpha version for a period of time over a year ago, but they haven’t been allowed to say anything yet due to the ban.

You’re not supposed to accept anything in my opinion. Before the release, they were warned that they were unable to take the performance to the level they wanted. There were pre-release reviews that also pointed this out. With Steam, you can test for two hours and get your money back for free, and with Game Pass it costs nothing. If the quality of the game is insufficient for you, you will return the amount paid (or not buy the game at all), and then try again again or not. No one is forcing you to buy or play the game. While I understand that it’s a bad feeling when you’re looking forward to a game and it doesn’t meet your expectations, I personally felt that way with Kerbal Space Program 2 and with Company of Heroes 3.

Anyway, I’m very glad they didn’t postpone in this case, as I now enjoy building in the evening, and have a good time. It’s not often that I lose track of time in a game, but here it works very well.

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I’d also prefer them to be a bit more ambitious with resources and be able to do a deeper simulation and maybe add more GFX rather than be conservative, this game should last about eight years, just like CS1. CS1 has the same problem of performance dropping dramatically as your city grows, which is inherent to this type of game, even though CS2 is multi-threaded where CS1 is single-threaded. So, once the kinks are worked out, CS2 should scale much better with city sizes than CS1.

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