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Comedian Hans Tyuen destroys the Dutch cultural sector 'Wake Up': 'Ideologists are destroying art' |  The art and literature

Comedian Hans Tyuen destroys the Dutch cultural sector ‘Wake Up’: ‘Ideologists are destroying art’ | The art and literature

Teeuwen, 54, who grew up above Hamont-Achel in Budel in North Brabant and later moved to Amsterdam, has a problem with proposing to ban artworks and names that could lead to ‘petty aggression’ from universities.

In 2021, he also feels limited in his creativity as a humorous man. He and other successful comedians like Youp van ‘t Hek can no longer say it all. In no uncertain terms, he attacks “ideologists who destroy art.” According to Teeuwen, “boring people without talent and creativity” are the ones who use people who have this to “cart their ideology.”

It mainly focuses on Bero Beyer, head of the Dutch Film Fund. Teeuwen calls it “Bero Beyer, typhus lingers.” Rather than “pride” a director like Paul Verhoeven (Spetters, Robocop, Basic Instinct, Zwartboek,…), the Dutch government-funded cultural fund is working on topics like diversity, gender equality and representation – let’s say culture – to insist. Teeuwen talks about “high ideals”. It is no coincidence that he finished the whistle for Verhoeven Turks Fruit (1973).

Needless to say, the video that had been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people sparked a lot of backlash. The three-day-old video made #hansteeeuwen a popular topic in the crazy Netherlands on Twitter. Supporters and opponents cross with swords. Actor Thijs Römer does not like the movie. MEP Michel Hoogeveen of the right-wing JA21 party – a breakaway from Thierry Baudt’s Forum for Democracy – praised Tuffin.