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Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra: to upgrade or not?

that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra He is a worthy heir to the series of Obvious Notes. But is it also a worthwhile upgrade if you now have a file Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Owns? It’s time to compare the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the Note 20 Ultra, and draw some useful conclusions.

Comparison: Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Note 20 Ultra

Shortly after unveiling Samsung’s all-new Galaxy S22 Ultra, we wrote: Yes, This is the best note in years† This opinion has certainly not changed in recent weeks, as you can see on our site Galaxy S22 Ultra review He can read. All this does not change the fact that smartphones today are not developing as quickly as they were, say, ten years ago. How much has it improved in the time and a half since the release of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra? How good is the S22 Ultra really?

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra still holds its own…

Just to get straight to the point: the Note 20 Ultra still stands out in many areas. Also in direct comparison to the S22 Ultra, yes. The last phone secretly called Note already has some crucial features also coming in 2022 Galaxy S22-series.

Simply put, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was the first to feature Samsung’s new design. Put the Galaxy S20 (Ultra) next to the Galaxy S21 (Ultra), and you’ll understand what we mean. The S21 series looks and feels significantly higher quality. But it wasn’t the first Galaxy at this level of build quality – that was the Note 20 Ultra. Or as we are used to in our area Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review Wrote:Much more than the S20 series, the Note 20 Ultra looks expensive

Regarding the performance of the device itself, developments have not gone so quickly in the past year and a half. Of course, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a little faster, but since the Note 20 Ultra also has a screen frequency of 120Hz, you won’t really feel like that. And speaking of the screen: The S22 series’ variable refresh rate debuted earlier. On the Note 20 Ultra, to be exact.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Excellent design even in 2022

On paper, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen response time is three times faster than that of the Note 20 Ultra. But to be honest, the difference doesn’t seem like much. Yes there is a difference. to come. You don’t notice it much in daily use.

This also applies to the battery life of the Note 20 Ultra. The S22 Ultra has 11% more battery, but with both devices, you can easily end your long day. You must charge both devices before the next day starts.

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…but the Galaxy S22 Ultra is much better in these areas

Well, you don’t need to upgrade your Note 20 Ultra to the S22 Ultra for the design, performance, screen, battery, or S Pen. However, there are a couple of areas in which the S22 Ultra is really much better – although only one is of direct relevance.

The first, of course, is software support. The Note 20 Ultra came out in 2020 with Android 10, and it’s now running on Android 12. It’s already got two of the three promised major Android upgrades. The S22 Ultra is only now entering its update age, which will consist of no less than four major Android upgrades and five years of security updates.

Brand New Galaxy S22 Ultra

From now on, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is good for half a decade – the Note 20 from now on is only half that time. However, it also applies that you can still move forward with the Note 20 Ultra for now. If you want to wait until upgrades or updates really stop, you can also upgrade to – for example – the Galaxy S23 Ultra or S24 Ultra by then. Assuming those devices will continue to appear and be called that way.

Although the S22 Ultra has a lot more to offer than the Note 20 Ultra in terms of support, that’s not necessarily a reason to upgrade now. What remains is that one of the reasons it stands out as a stone above the water.


Yes the camera. With the Note 20 Ultra camera, you can take amazing photos. But the Galaxy S22 Ultra is much further in this area. You can already see it on our site 108MP camera comparison between Galaxy S22 Ultra, S21 Ultra, S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra

This difference in three things. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s two telephoto cameras offer a much wider optical zoom range – 3x and 10x. This makes it more flexible than a 5x zoom camera. In addition, the autofocus of the S22 Ultra is clearly better than those of the Ultra phones of 2020. So you can benefit more from the 108MP resolution of the main camera, which can capture more detail on the S22 Ultra – even in low light.

The third improvement that the S22 Ultra camera brings is the software. As a result, images up to a 30x zoom level are not only theoretically possible, but often very nice to look at. The Galaxy S22 Ultra can also handle better in low light. Not that the Note 20 Ultra is bad – quite the contrary. But the S22 Ultra is clearly better.

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Zoom in up to 30x with the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Note 20 Ultra: Conclusions

Thus we can then draw conclusions from the comparison between Galaxy S22 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra. Despite the appearance of the last year and a half, it is remarkable how good the device will be in 2022. The gap between the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S22 series is much widerfor example.

Now if you have a Note 20 Ultra, the upgrade is pretty much unnecessary for things like the design, display, processor, battery, S Pen, and software. And you don’t have to do this (yet) for Samsung’s Enhanced Update Policy.

What you can think of as an upgrade for him is the camera. In fact, if there’s one reason to make the switch, it’s the camera. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra you get Samsung’s best camera yet, and the difference with the Note 20 Ultra is clear. We can’t make the choice simpler, but it probably shouldn’t be.

Of course, there are still some slight differences between the two phones. For example, the Note 20 Ultra has more RAM than the S22 Ultra (12 GB vs. 8 GB), but you hardly notice that in practice. And the S22 Ultra can be charged faster with 45W. He. She The real difference with 25W is minimalSo you can also ignore that. Gorilla Glass Victus + from the S22 Ultra It is breaking stronger Then the Victus-without-plus Gorilla Glass of Note. This is especially important if you don’t put your expensive phone in a case.

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If you have already chosen the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you should also consider the storage capacity. By default, this is 128 GB, while with the Note 20 Ultra you had at least 256 GB. Keep that in mind when choosing which S22 Ultra you get – and remember, you can’t put a memory card in it.

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