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Troostprijs voor Hooverphonic na teleurstellend Songfestival: in de Ultratop staan ze wel op 1

Consolation award for Hooverphonic after Eurovision disappointment …

They may not finish in the top five at the Eurovision song contest, but Hooverphonic is No.1 in Ultratop.
Photo: AFP

Perhaps they have not finished in the top five in the Eurovision Song Contest, Hooverphonic must not lose its popularity and recognition among the Belgian public. Wrong place, The number they participated in in the festival a week ago, is No. 1 in Ultratop this week. The Italian band Måneskin who met Shut up and bunoi I won the match, came in ninth, and came in 9. “Italy is a diverse rock for me,” Alex Callier said after the match. “When I think of rock and roll, I think of Stone Age Queens. Or the original rock and roll bands. These guys are a band.”

Anyone who has finished all 50 of Ultratop’s singles will notice that the Eurovision Song Contest did not leave many listeners unimpressed. After all, different numbers from the match appear at the bottom of the list. At number 29 it is special More From Ukrainian Go_A, French Barbara Bravi stands with Here Then again at 36. Destiny and Gjon’s Tears, the Maltese and Swiss entry, completes the list. Their numbers I break On The whole universe It is ranked 48 and 50, respectively.

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