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Container ship Ever Geffen arrives in Rotterdam on Thursday

Container ship Ever Geffen arrives in Rotterdam on Thursday

The container ship Ever Given, which closed the Suez Canal in March, will arrive at the port of Rotterdam on Thursday, a day later than scheduled. The ship is expected to remain there until early August to unload and load the containers. Then he leaves for English Felixstowe.

Ever Geffen became world famous in March when it docked parade in the Suez Canal. There was a traffic jam of hundreds of ships. After the Ever Given was afloat at the end of March, the ship was chained for several months.

At the time, the owner and authority of the Suez Canal argued over compensation. Initially, approximately one billion dollars was requested, while the value of the shipment was estimated at 600 million to one billion dollars. According to some sources, it will eventually be $200-500 million plus a new locomotive.

At the beginning of July, the container ship left the Suez Canal. Then docked for a few days in the Egyptian port of Port Said. He is now on his way to Rotterdam.

Not everything was settled financially with the release of the ship. There will be years in the courts over who is responsible for the Suez Canal incident. In addition, there will also be claims for damages from owners of cargo in containers.

In addition to children’s books by author Laura Van Boechout and illustrator Eva Mouton, Ever Givene had a very diverse load on board: 110 containers with furniture for Ikea, bicycle parts produced in China for Specialized and Canyon, among other things, oak floorboards , eat like pasta and coconut milk, all kinds of clothes ranging from socks to baby blankets and also a few thousand solar panels.

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