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Covid rules change?  KV Mechelen plays (in principle) against Genk |  Jupiler Pro League

Covid rules change? KV Mechelen plays (in principle) against Genk | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro LeagueThe Pro League Board of Directors meets again today at 10 AM. With the agenda item: the rules for postponing matches due to Covid-19.

KV Mechelen didn’t get a delay last Saturday, while they appeared to meet the conditions with two injured goalkeepers (Coucke and Wenssens). However, Pro League Wenssens considered the U21 goalkeeper and did not count him. The Board of Directors is expected to decide to amend and clarify the existing rules so that age does not play a role. After that, the Extraordinary General Assembly must vote on it. If approved, it could take another two weeks before the revised rules go into effect. KV Mechelen hopes they will be introduced retroactively, so they can catch up with the match against OHL.

What about tomorrow’s duel between Racing Genk and KV Michelin? The Limburgers understand, but postponing the match with Malinwa is impossible, as they may also risk penalties. KV Mechelen is awaiting the results of the last test round – Coucke and Wenssens are certainly still positive – and then again requesting a delay from the Pro League based on goalkeeper rule. Just as it was before the game against the OHL team, as well. The chance that the Pro League will suddenly give you a reprieve is virtually non-existent. And so the RC Genk-KV Mechelen will continue in principle. Malinoa will then play under legal cover.

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