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Craig's opinion published prematurely due to 'misunderstanding'

Craig’s opinion published prematurely due to ‘misunderstanding’

The Executive Committee of Energy Regulator Creg decided that an “important reservation” remained on the proposal and advice the regulator had given regarding the next auction of gas and other capacity subsidies. The decision to postpone publication did not reach the site administrator.

In recent days, Creg and network operator Elia have once again been caught up in a storm over the need to subsidize gas-fired power plants or other capacities. Based on figures from Elijah, de Craig calculated that at least a thousand megawatts of additional power would be needed, possibly more. This is equivalent to two gas-fired power plants. However, at the same time she complained that there was not enough data to make this verdict and requested additional information from Elijah.

Creg approved the proposal on February 1, as was legally required, but the management committee had already decided two days later that the method and time of publication of the proposal and advice should be presented at a later time. At the same time, she sent a message to Elijah requesting additional information and warning her of an “Important warning, which can only be removed by providing the information requested in full by Elijah to Creg.”

But the regulator said that decision did not reach the employees who worked on the files. They translated the proposal and sent it to the site administrator. He then published it on February 11, without the accompanying newsletter. A Creg spokesperson didn’t find out until February 14th. Then he asked the site administrator to withdraw the post.

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Then Standard Previously inquired about the status of the paper, the response was that the documents were published prematurely over the weekend and that the file would not be finalized until Elijah provided additional information.

In the meantime, a lot of fuss arose around the proposal, as if not two but four gas-fired power stations were needed. It has also been argued that this may have happened under political pressure. This afternoon there are questions about this in the House of Representatives.