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master encoder exchange, as we do in the Netherlands battle They recently announced that they have paused withdrawals for users. The reason may be suspicious activity that may have an impact on the exchange’s clients. According to, you don’t have to worry about their crypto assets being compromised.

“suspicious activity”

employment Twitter The platform said that a small number of users have expressed concerns about their accounts. It was clear that there was already something going on, because soon action was taken by the exchange. Several users also shared on Twitter that they suddenly found large amounts of Kryptomont We have lost.

“We have a few users who have reported suspicious activity on their accounts. We will pause recordings for a while while our team is investigating. All funds are safe.”

In addition to suspending recordings of users, an investigation into suspicious activity has been opened. At the moment, this search yielded no results and it is also unknown when users can withdraw funds again.


Ben Baller, a famous crypto influencer, took to Twitter to say that he suddenly lost 4.28ETH, valued at around $15,000, from his user account. It is also mentioned that Two-factor documentation It’s enabled on his account, which should normally protect from thieves.

Therefore, it is suspected that potential hackers managed to bypass the strong security. Dogecoin (DOGE) founder Billy Marcus, aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto, has come across a few interesting things.

He is also suspicious of’s message that all funds are safe. Marcus can’t even rule out that this is a file inside the job Or that hackers gained access to hot wallet from the exchange.

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The CEO of the trading platform says that everything should be back in order now.