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Curious Lucinda Brand is now fully focused on the X²O Cup |  X²O Women's Cup 2021

Curious Lucinda Brand is now fully focused on the X²O Cup | X²O Women’s Cup 2021

Lucinda Brand claimed her 16th victory of the season in the Herentals. The world champion was superior and comes within a few seconds of leader Denis Betsima at the X²O Trophy. Sane had just missed the podium.

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Can’t stop the fire again

Dennis Betsima had already tried Lucinda Brand’s catch-up head-on in her past motos and the Dutch leader wouldn’t let any grass grow around her today.

Betsema took off like a rocket, but Brand filled the void with Sanne Cant.

However, the Belgian heroine withdrew with misfortune, as did the fate of her Dutch counterpart Celine Alvarado.

In the third round, Brand no longer felt like playing. She turned away from the steam and made her bosom in a bosom.

The brand gave everything to the end, because every second counts. In the ranking, her backlog almost faded.

Alvarado has bad luck and can forget about the cross

It can’t be unlucky, the brand escaping alone

Betsima disappointed after punctured tire: ‘It’s not right’

Lucinda Brand said before the start that she was tired, but it wasn’t noticeable. “I didn’t think I could turn the switch so easily,” she laughed.

“I told my coach beforehand it was going to be a mental day, but it went well.”

“I’m really disappointed,” Denis Betsima said. “I lost a lot of seconds and in the last lap I got a punctured me. It’s not easy.”

Reactions after X²O in Herentals among women

  1. 14 hours 37. The brand holds its position with ease and wins the Herentals.

    The brand survives easily and wins the Herentals

  2. Time 14: 36. Sausage is in third place, and Kant is fourth. .
  3. 14 hours 35. There is a number 2 Denise Betsema in 49 seconds. I lost the lead. .
  4. 14 hours 34. Finish! Lucinda Brand records her 16th win this season. It hardly takes the time to enjoy. & nbsp; .
  5. 2 pm 33. Brand panting shows that she is crawling into the hole. Hats off to the world champion! .
  6. 2 p.m. 32. The podium finish seems to be slipping through Kant’s hands. Sausage in an excellent final round. & nbsp; .
  7. 14 hours 31. You can say that the brand can gradually go into recovery mode, but nothing could be further from the truth. 34 seconds, Chrono tells us: Will you take the leader’s place today? .
  8. 2 p.m. 28. Sausage walked away from Country after hesitating with the Belgian champion, but could not give up the podium and continue to fight. & nbsp; .
  9. 2 pm 26. End of the fifth round. The fire is the first to hear the bell. Betsema’s backlog is increasing and that’s not good news for its leadership position: 32 seconds. & nbsp; .
  10. 14 hours 23. We are in the penultimate round. The value relationships are clear: the brand remains the strongest today. The most important question: How many seconds will you return against Betsima? .
  11. 2 p.m. 22. Bratz and they can’t get close to Betsima, but they don’t separate from each other either. They will divide the third place among themselves. & nbsp; .
  12. 2 pm at 8 pm. Lucinda is very careful. You want to win all the rankings. . Sven Ness (Team Captain Lucinda Brand).
  13. 2 pm 6 pm End of the fourth round. Brand flicks dirt off the right pedal again. What does the chrono say in the end? She sets Betsema in 24 seconds. This is the status quo and this is also the case with the hot dog and sausage hunt. & nbsp; .
  14. Who else can prevent a brand from winning? 2 pm 17.
  15. 14 hours 15. Betsema does not want to give up her invisible leader’s shirt and is trying to freeze the teams with Brand. One thing is for sure: nothing has been decided yet about the overall win in the X²O Cup. & nbsp; .
  16. 2 p.m. 12. Fire is now strictly prohibited. The world champion does not look back and will usually continue to hit because this is a timed arrangement. & nbsp; .
  17. 2 PM 12. This will be one of the easiest brand wins. . Paul Hrigers.
  18. 2 noon 09. End of the third round. We’re halfway there and the brand has been finalized. Betsema owes 22 seconds and has to start the calculation with rating in mind. Sausage and Kant are also close in their fight for third place. & nbsp; .
  19. 2:00 p.m. A panting fire runs up the slope. She sees how Betsema gets more and more seconds off. & nbsp; .
  20. 2 p.m. 06. In the lead up to Skiberg, the brand could lose capital. This is how Betsema plays the yo-yo again. & nbsp; .
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