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Cyriel Dessers goes to Serie A: 'But I'm still a huge Genk fan' |  Italian Serie A

Cyriel Dessers goes to Serie A: ‘But I’m still a huge Genk fan’ | Italian Serie A

Team Racing Genk has announced the transfer of striker Cyriel Dessers to Cremonese. The allure of Serie A was too strong for the Dessers. The Italian doctoral student will pay 6.5 million euros. It will be Dessers (27)’s first adventure outside Belgium or the Netherlands.

“Racing Genk releases a player again in one of the European G5 competitions,” began the press release in which the club officially announced the move of Cyriel Dessers to Italy.

Dessers arrived at Genk two years ago, pushing him away from Heracles Almelo for 4 million. In his first season, he lost the competition to Paul Onwacho as a striker. This affected the Dessers and for this reason was followed by a loan to Feyenoord on August 31, 2021.

There, Dessers played football in the hearts of fans, but the board did not make a purchase option.

One of my childhood dreams was to play in the Racing Genk jersey. This is busy. Another dream was to one day play in the First Division.

Cyril Desires

This season’s desserts are off to a good start and Cremonese have taken notice. Cremonese is a team from northern Italy that finished second in Serie B last season and thus had to be promoted to the highest league in Italy.

“One of my childhood dreams was to play in the Racing Genk jersey. And it worked. Another dream was to one day play in a major competition. It looks like this is happening now,” Desires addressed Genk fans in a statement. Farewell video.

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“I would like to thank you all for the support I received. I’m glad I can leave in this way, we won the last game and I can go with a good feeling.”

“Stay behind the team. I think something very beautiful is possible with this team. I’m still the biggest fan and I will visit again.”