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Dagelijkse COVID-19 Dashboard beëindigd

Daily COVID-19 updates and dashboard has ended

Daily COVID-19 updates via official website has expired. The government has introduced a dashboard as of March 2020 to monitor the official developments related to the coronavirus in Suriname. has been able to closely monitor developments surrounding the coronavirus for two years.

The dashboard has been developed to provide every citizen with more comprehensive information during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The analyzes also helped specific target groups, such as clinicians and policymakers, to better improve community support. The Covid-19 virus has not been active in Suriname for several weeks. There is currently a trend where society back to normal† This means that updates will now be made weekly, not daily. The Bureau of Public Health (BOG) will regularly publish daily COVID-19 numbers on its website.

Health Minister Ammar Ramadan called on the community to remain alert because the virus is still present. “That is why it is important to vaccinate now so that we can have better protection later if the virus appears again,” the minister said. He stresses that vaccination is still the best protection against the virus.

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