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Dave Bautista plays down Marvel role after playing 'Dune'

Dave Bautista plays down Marvel role after playing ‘Dune’

actor Dave Bautista He’s now totally making a name for himself in Hollywood. The WWE superstar broke out greatly with his role as Drax Guardians of the Galaxy And after a lot of other blockbuster movies recently appeared Dune.In the Marvel movie, he plays the character Drax while he is in Dune He can be considered Gloso Rabanne Harkonen, the great-cousin of the villain Baron Vladimir Harkonen. It turns out that playing “The Beast” is more fun than playing “Stupid” Drax.

“This character just gave me a chance to show a different kind of performance. That’s what I really love working with director Denis Villeneuve, and I had the opportunity to show a different side of myself,” Bautista told ABC News.

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“I’m not just a guy in Guardians of the Galaxy walking around shirtless and saying stupid things. The role [in Dune] It really gives me the chance to play a real and real content character. So that’s a blessing,” Bautista added.

And most likely he will be able to do it again soon. Recently it became clear that Dune: Part Two to hit theaters in 2023. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 It appears a few months ago and in it Bautista returns as Drax again.

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