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“De mol” hints at the start of the new season with the logo dropped in Antwerp and Ghent |  television

“De mol” hints at the start of the new season with the logo dropped in Antwerp and Ghent | television

television“The Mole” once again hints at a new season. The series' logo appeared on Friday evening in Sint-Niklaas Church in the city of Ghent. Investigators can begin immediately. Because if you look closely, you might be able to detect Morse code that could reveal the start times of the new season.

Tonight it won't be limited to one place. In Antwerp, a rendering of the logo has already appeared on Boerentoren and the Instagram account of “De mol” itself is sharing a photo of it. But it remains to be seen whether investigators in Leuven will see the same predictions as well.

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Instagram @demol_play4 © Instagram @demol_play4

There will also be something to see in Leuven at 8:48 p.m.

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Earlier this week, presenter Jill de Coster, 43, also gave a first hint about the new season. Gill, who is not usually very active on social media, shared an eye-catching post. He shared a photo of a racing bike on his Stories and tagged eight former participants of the program in the photo.

“Bike: Check.” Friends: Check back, De Koster wrote in his post. As well as the names of eight former loyalists and former candidates: Kat van Steen, Philipp Menget, Gilles van Poel, Lennert Driessen, Robin van Gompel, Uma Vandemaele, Sven Bede and Anelot de Brandt.

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Obviously, the eight immediately jumped on their bikes after that. On Wednesday afternoon, and not entirely coincidentally, they all shared their Strava route on their Instagram account. No more details, but one thing is clear to fans of the show: the start of the new season is imminent…

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He also posted a photo online of himself playing padel with three former moles. “Moles love doubles,” he wrote. Is there an indication that two moles will be joining us next season?

So far we only know that the new season was filmed in Sicily. “Sicily is the perfect place for this new mole adventure. It's a gorgeous island, with rugged coastline, pretty villages, bustling cities and stunning scenery. A particularly inspiring place with its rich historical and artistic heritage. And apparently it's not bad food either,” De Koster previously said. .

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