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Deduct points for Beerschot?  “Everyone knows about it”

Deduct points for Beerschot? “Everyone knows about it”

The club football season is almost over and most teams are already busy preparing for next season. This is also the case in Beerschot VA. But the doctoral candidate still has a lot of work to do.

Antwerp residents came out this week with big news. An agreement has been reached with Dirk Kuyt on extending his contract as head coach. His sporting support will also remain at ‘t Kiel next season. This has already completed an important file.

But the end of the business is nowhere in sight. For example, Kuyt should be provided with a selection capable of forcing his retention in the Jupiler Pro League next season. The club management is already working on this matter. In addition, the budget must also be organised.

License terms

Beerschot has already obtained a professional license for next season. But there were some conditions in return. For example, shareholders must comply with proposed capital increases. If this does not happen, serious sporting consequences may follow.

Intended CEO Thorsten Theys confirms this on the club’s website. “Everyone understands that this must be done to avoid deducting points. There are currently discussions about this matter among shareholders on various financial topics. The sooner a global agreement is reached among shareholders, the faster a solution to this matter can be provided. “It becomes,” it seems.

Cash infusion on the way

By the way, this new capital is welcome so that you can also settle outstanding bills. But they expect that good news will soon follow. “May and June are always the toughest months of the season in that regard. Many clubs are lagging behind. I expect a cash injection by the end of this month and then we will deliver on our promises. This should ensure that we can continue in this area,” he insists.

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