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Democrats: “Musk should withdraw support for anti-Semitic message” |  outside

Democrats: “Musk should withdraw support for anti-Semitic message” | outside

Some Democratic members of the US House of Representatives are planning to demand that Elon Musk publicly withdraw his support for an anti-Semitic message on his social networking site .

Musk, Tesla CEO and owner, added the comment: “You’re telling the truth.”

“I thought it was scandalous and dangerous,” Raskin said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We will take action this week with our colleagues and will write to him asking him to reject these comments and speak out.”

Musk himself responded to all the criticism on Sunday, via a message on X, in which he wrote: “Over the past week, hundreds of nonsense stories have appeared in the media claiming that I am anti-Semitic. Nothing is less true. I wish only the best for humanity and a prosperous and exciting future for all.”

Musk is under fire for his response to the anti-Semitic message on X and because anti-Semitic posts and hate messages are regularly posted on the social platform. Several companies have announced in recent days that they will temporarily stop advertising

A tight case

Musk himself is now talking about a “fraudulent attack” on his company and said on Monday he will file a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against the research group Media Matters and other parties allegedly responsible for it. According to Musk, Media Matters made an incorrect representation of the facts. “A new attempt to undermine freedom of expression and mislead advertisers,” he wrote in a statement on X. Musk states that X positions itself as a media platform that wants to protect freedom of expression.

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It’s not clear what other parties Musk wants to take to court besides Media Matters. According to the CEO, this concerns “everyone who participated in this fraudulent attack on our company.” Against “their boards, their donors, their black money network, all of that.” He did not comment on the fact that he himself responded to an anti-Semitic message.