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Despite the shortage of a Nintendo Switch with an OLED display for Sinterklaas?  That's how you do it |  Technique

Despite the shortage of a Nintendo Switch with an OLED display for Sinterklaas? That’s how you do it | Technique

The persistent shortage of chips has already made it difficult to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, but scarcity looms as well for the Nintendo Switch — especially for the new OL version. How did this happen?

The Nintendo Switch with an OLED display was announced in July of this year and has been in stores – officially – since October 8. The new portable game console has a better screen and more storage. Consumers seem to be striving for it: the more expensive model is not so easy to get.

If you want that new key, the coming months are going to be tough. Due to a global chip shortage, Nintendo had to reduce the number of switches produced this year by 20 percent.

The chip shortage began last year, after the coronavirus shut down many factories of so-called semiconductors around the world. At the same time, everyone was at home and cell phones, laptops and other computers were smashed in huge numbers.

for 400 euros

Since then, chip manufacturers have struggled to catch up. Manufacturers like Intel expect it to be years before there will be enough semiconductors available again for all gaming consoles, cars, and other equipment sold around the world.

For a single OLED adapter, if you find one, you pay about 384 euros. However, some online stores choose to sell them only or mainly in groups containing games or other things for much higher amounts. to remember.

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Where can you find a switch with an OLED display?

At least not on Amazon’s Dutch shopping page: the mobile device can’t be found there. French and German Amazon stores have already offered the OLED Switch for sale before, but the offer there is currently out of stock.

At the time of writing, stores like Coolblue,, Gamemania, and Nedgame have already sold out their inventory. Stores expect to have new copies in stock, but even when the seller knows this shortly in advance.

With the push of a button, you can ask these sites to notify you when new copies of this converter are sold. Note that sometimes you may be notified too late – careful page activation can be too fast for you.

Queue and Telegram search

If you don’t mind queuing for your OLED adapter, Mediamarkt and are offering pre-orders for the month of December. In Mediamarkt, this means that you immediately have to purchase a bundle with the game and peripherals.

If you prefer to keep your finger on the pulse, at least page in With all web stores where this converter can be on sale. This page is updated regularly.

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Those who are not afraid of the Telegram messaging app can find a number of bot trackers out there. Twitterer PS5 Share Alert Likes Via Telegram accounts Keep an eye on the availability of different game consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Another Telegram tracker can be found at

For now, the Switch with an OLED screen remains highly desirable and especially rare. The chance of getting one for Sinterklaas is unfortunately small – unless you want to try Marktplaats.

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