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Despite Vanhaysbrouck's criticism, AA Gent won't complain after VAR moments at Anderlecht: 'It doesn't make sense' |  Anderlecht - AA Gent 1-0

Despite Vanhaysbrouck's criticism, AA Gent won't complain after VAR moments at Anderlecht: 'It doesn't make sense' | Anderlecht – AA Gent 1-0

First in front of the rights holder's camera, then in front of the crowded press room. Hein Vanhaysbrouck strongly criticized VAR and the referee, using terms such as “stolen”, “scandalous” and “sad”. “I will wear black for the rest of the season.”

look. Vanhisbrouck feels robbed after the first match

Hein Van Heesbrouck, on camera for DAZN: “It's unimaginable. If they wanted to rank higher than that, they would immediately give us six.” (For the Champions Playoffs, ed.) To give. If we weren't there, we could stop immediately and start PO2…”

“Anderlecht have received help from third parties here. Really hurtful. It's just a scandal.”

“This is really no longer possible. You should know how many messages we have already received from people who think this is a scandalous decision. 'Ping, ping, pring', our cell phones do not stop.”

Hein Vanhisbrouck, fifteen minutes later, in the press conference in the basement of Lotto Park: “It was like a rugby tackle from Arnstad. We were robbed twice. With that goal and that handball, which should always have been a penalty.”

look. Disallowed goal for De Sart

Is it true that you said to LaForge, “We'd better get this over with”?

Vanhaysbrouck: “A few weeks ago there was a penalty phase here, where players from each club entered the penalty area too early. So the replay is the rule. The referee also planned to do it, but then the VAR intervened and they got it over with.” (R.C. Genk, ed.) Crime against. Now it's like this again. “Yet they continue to complain here.”

Previously, when Belgian referees were still at a high level, they wore black. Now it's yellow, light blue or green, but it doesn't “shine”, right?

Heine Vanhaysbrouck

But how do you solve this? Not by investing in better technology, because it is a lack of quality…

“Here it is. It's your words, but I stand by it. Look, I'm wearing black. That's the color of the referees' clothes. In the past, when Belgian referees were still at a high level. Well, I'll wear black all season long, because things won't get any better. As for “Now they wear yellow or light blue or green, but they don’t shine.”

How can you solve it?

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“I can't solve it. Two people made a mistake in two stages. Why doesn't VAR intervene on Vertonghen's handball? (Heine means wreck, ed.)? VAR intervenes on De Sart's goal, despite no foul being committed. (sigh) I didn't understand. This happens a lot. We're not the only ones, are we? It's like that every week. Last year, there was an elbow on Orbán in a crucial match against Club Brugge. Then VAR closed his eyes. Well, in the end, we were three points behind in the first playoff game. (on a roll) The same VAR technology recently missed a player during the KV Mechelen – Club Brugge match… How many second chances should we give them? If you fail as a coach, you're out. But here? What interventions are made? “You don't whistle for one week… and you just have to accept it.”

Vanhaezebrouck near Laforge.
Vanhaezebrouck near Laforge. © Belga

Will you take steps?

“No, we never do anything, do we? We don't make complaints. Two years ago, at Cercle Brugge, there was a clear offside goal, but VAR couldn't intervene because… the photographer wasn't there yet. And we didn't take any action.” No legal action against that at that time. So we won't do that now. And by the way, that doesn't make sense if there are errors in judgment.

Do you have a feeling that AA Gent is being targeted?

“No, because we are not alone. (fast) But we are always there. This is a fact. I still remember the opening game against Standard with two bad decisions going against us. These things are not possible. I just had a conversation with a former referee who always whistled black. “It can't be done anymore,” he said.

Brian, do you also think that there is very little quality among our referees?

Rimmer: “If I had to say something, I think we started this circus ourselves. I see him every week. All of Europe is watching us. If there is a problem with the referees, we should not just look at today, but at how to solve it. Should foreign referees be appointed for the playoff matches? Should we invest more in training? This needs to be considered. I want to look for solutions instead of being part of this whole circus. It must go further than just coaches, like Hayne now, who say they have been robbed.

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Vanhaysbrouck and Reimer.
Vanhaysbrouck and Reimer. © Belga

(Vanhisbrouck intervenes)

Vanheesbrouck: “If you're on the right side of a decision, you always think there's a lot of reaction. But when you're disadvantaged, everyone reacts. I've been saying for years that there's a big problem. At first everyone asked: 'What is he talking about?' “But the problem is getting bigger and bigger. (accurately) And the first time you said that was three years ago, right.

Heine, have you spoken to LaForge?

“I said beforehand that there was no point in talking to him. He never changed his mind. Really, truly. I showed him the pictures and even his supervisors were nodding, 'Yes, you have a point.' And yet he would not admit his mistake. He never would.”

Surely something should be done about it?

“I know, but we don't have the right to think that. (quiet for a moment) What did they use to do? They put a retired referee in charge of the umpires' department. Whether it was appropriate didn't actually matter. We lost a lot of time and ran into problems. Our refereeing image is now completely gone. Also in Europe. It's not a problem now, is it? This has been a problem for a long time. Of course it won't get any easier with all these media technologies. I keep repeating: “open communication.” So we can follow what is being said. Then they may think more before making a decision. Now everything is “hidden” behind the screen. 'No contact'. It is possible in hockey and rugby, but in football? Keep your hands off! Anyway, we shouldn't be having this discussion here.

And then Rimmer subtly points out the temporary press secretary on his watch. “We can conclude with this statement from Hine.”

Remer for the last time: a 20-minute press conference, without a single question about football. Thank you“.

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