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Poppodium VanSlag geeft haar voorstellingen in de Willibrordkerk in Borger

Despite VanSlag gone, a new cultural phase is coming to Willibrordkerk in Borger

After the VanSlag stage is gone, there will be room for music, art and culture at the Willibrordkerk in Borger. The Bake Shop Foundation has launched the Podium34 platform, an initiative that could prove itself as a test next year.

According to board member Evert Hoven, Podium34 is different from VanSlag. The cultural final stage announced earlier this week that it will be leaving Willibrordkirk. “It is unclear to us where the municipality wants to go with the building. So there is very little prospect for us to continue with the church parties,” said Director Henk Eggens.

Podium34 wants to make space for workshops, clinics, theater and exhibitions. Of course, there is room for music, Hoeven explains. And the board member wants to clarify, “The difference between us and VanSlag is that we focus more on the Netherlands, like Drents and Northern talent. There are no plans to book foreign bids,” the board member wants to clarify. “This is a completely different approach.” In addition, cooperation is taking place with Esdal College, among other things, because the cultural stage wants to attract young people.

According to Hoven, there is no need to fear operational issues, as is the case with VanSlag. “We are a volunteer organization, and we don’t want to make a profit.” Because the church is in the hands of the municipality of Burger O’Dorn, the foundation rents out the church for part of the day. Earning money is not the primary goal. “We want to be a place where everyone can go.”

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Finally, Hoeven emphasizes that it is important to preserve Willibrord Church as a cultural stage. Dare to say: “It’s a fantastically wonderful place, and one of the most beautiful theaters in Drenthe.”