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Kwam Nico van ‘Temptation island’ je bekend voor? Dit is niet zijn eerste verleidingsprogramma

Did Nico from Experience Island sound familiar to you? this is not…

The nominees for the new season of “Island of Temptation” were introduced to the public on Thursday, and there was long-standing knowledge of the loyal viewer of reality shows.

Big chest tattoos and dares to hide under the sheets for the camera. Nico Josei’s passing in Season 3 of 2018’s Ex on the beach didn’t go unnoticed. The Antwerp resident admitted that he sometimes dares to ride a roller skate, having previously cheated on all his various experiences. “Often when I’m drunk, I need boots. “Then I see who gets up, and whoever answers first is the lucky one,” said Niko at the time. She was especially clicked with Elodie on the show, and they ended up in bed together, in full view of the cameras. Although the love did not last long: Nico got rid of Elodie immediately after the end of the program.

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After the show ended, the cameras also watched Niko watching his adventures with his parents, which resulted in some wonderfully funny and embarrassing scenes. For example, Niko’s mother exclaimed, “I don’t want to see this, I’m completely shocked.”

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However, the guy can’t get enough of exciting TV shows: Three years later, Nico is now taking his “ultimate relationship test”! He was in a relationship with Donna for 2.5 years. But given such a hot past, his girlfriend Donna is still suspicious. This is why Nico now wants to prove to the whole of Flanders and Donna that he only has eyes for her. It remains to be seen if his parents are happy with Nico’s participation…

Love at first sight and mistake: these are the couples who test their relationship on ‘Seduction Island’

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