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Director of the Water Safety and Spatial Planning Program in Limburg

Leeuwendaal is looking for an innovative, independent and broad-minded Program Manager for Water Safety and Spatial Planning in Limburg for the Province of Limburg.

the organization
In July 2021, Limburg was hit hard by rising water levels and heavy rain, resulting in massive social, financial and emotional damage. In response to this water crisis, the Limburg Water Safety and Spatial Planning (WRL) program became more urgent and was created. The aim of the program is to better protect the population of Limburg in the future and prepare them for extreme weather conditions through the search for communications and integrated solutions. The WRL program is an intensive cooperation between the 31 municipalities of Limburg, the Limburg Water Board, the Province of Limburg and the government, who jointly signed the administrative agreement “Water and Space Safety in Limburg” on 14 July 2022. EUR 600 million has been allocated (for the regional water system) To realize the WRL programme, the total duration of which is expected to be 10 to 15 years. The Province of Limburg serves as the host organization for the program team and the WRL Program Manager.

the exercise
Floods cannot always be prevented, but the program wants to take as many and best measures as possible to organize a sustainable and water-safe future for the people of Limburger. This ambition and the tasks of the WRL program are constant, but the way in which the tasks are approached is adaptable. The program will have to be developed further, the content further defined, and short- and long-term actions formulated. The implementation and embodiment of content is organized within a complex force field. The program manager brings together the interests of various stakeholders in a formal management force at the strategic and tactical level. In continuing the implementation of the programme, attention must be given to maintaining and expanding support among the programme’s partner organisations. Connectivity to many other tasks in the spatial domain also requires attention.

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Introductory account
We are looking for a creative, innovative and independent Program Manager. Someone who brings different parties together in a connected and compelling way and creates support among all participants. A visionary who innovates It appears in thinking, acting and thinking outside the box. Someone who seeks collaboration, builds partnerships with relevant parties and has extensive experience in programmatic work. A fast, independent and flexible link between various (governmental) organizations. A person with exceptional skill in creating conditions for the successful work of program staff, from various partner organizations, and who stands up for the program team when necessary. A program manager who represents diverse interests and knows where they stand in relation to the managerial client and the team. A diplomatic and results-oriented leader who quickly recognizes the sensitivities and relationships between various stakeholders and knows how to deal with them. A person of stature who controls the political game and is politically and administratively sensitive. Someone who keeps the peace, maintains the outlook, and thinks and acts transcendently between the different pillars. A strong, collaborative program manager who can lead the program with his powers of persuasion and a fresh business perspective.

Furthermore, the program director meets the following important experience requirements:

  • Extensive experience in leading complex programs and/or multiple large-scale spatial projects within a political-administrative and socially sensitive organisation. Experience in water management is an advantage.
  • Insights into (international) political and administrative relations and social context;
  • Experience in cooperation between different organizations.
  • Network in the region and/or network in The Hague is an advantage.

What does the province of Limburg offer?
You are on the cusp of an important program in which you can provide safety for thousands of people and at the same time help design a beautiful part of the Netherlands. The WRL program is complex and challenging, and you work with many different partners in the region. As Program Manager, you are the spider in the web that connects all partners, and you are given the freedom to determine how to achieve the goals set with the collaborating partners. Together with enthusiastic program staff and colleagues at all levels of government, you will realize an exciting mission to make Limburg future-proof. Furthermore, the Province of Limburg offers a gross monthly salary based on a 36-hour work week, up to a maximum of €8,509.69, depending on relevant knowledge, experience and skills acquired elsewhere and an attractive range of secondary working conditions.

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If you would like to know more about this organization, job content, mission and profile outline, please read the job profile which you can find on the website. Work location leewendale can download.

This procedure is led by Irina Raimondo and Corinne van der Salm, Senior Executive Search Consultants. For objective questions about the job, you can contact them and for questions about the procedure, please contact Anouk Keren, Research Consultant. They can be reached at 088 – 00 868 00.

To apply go to Work location leewendale, click the “Apply” button and follow the steps as shown. During this process, you will be asked for your email address, personal data, CV and motivation letter.

We would like to receive your response no later than Sunday, January 7, 2024.