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Dj Mark von Osterban’s Holiday: ‘Passing the New Age Will Make My Summer’ |  Ensheet

Dj Mark von Osterban’s Holiday: ‘Passing the New Age Will Make My Summer’ | Ensheet

New Zealand, Scotland, India: Some of the places that Mark von Osterban has already tested. Halfway through the DJ duo East & Young, he flew around the world for shows. This summer, he eagerly hopes that the Ibiza dream goal and Freshdival will continue.

No fat festivals and club tours for a while, how do you spend the summer?

“I recently moved to Judeland with my girlfriend. Get out, that’s what we did. Meanwhile, new music for East & Young continues to be produced and a club show is planned in Poland. I hope to be in Ibiza with the other three guys in September. I have been going with them for a few days now for ten years. ”

Do you have a special bond with Ibiza?

“Ibiza is truly a magical island. I have been going there for twelve years to recharge myself. Everything I love comes together here: music, beautiful nature, the beach … As a DJ I have seen a lot of worlds, but I feel at home when I come here. ”

Do you go to all the parties?

“Hey Mark, I have to perform tonight!” Although I don’t want to party every night, those messages often end there. I’m not saying don’t have a good club night with Calvin Harris and Tysto, but secretly prefer bars that don’t organize everything professionally. This may be a little wrong. ”

Will you never forget?

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“I met my (Dutch) girlfriend in New Zealand, where I was with East & Young for a show. There was a bar downstairs at our backpackers hotel, and that’s where I started talking to her. We texted after our meeting and six months later we agreed, the rest is history! ”

What is your most memorable summer?

“As Freestyle’s help booker, I’m very confident that the festival will move forward. The past is a potato. The government sometimes says yes to you and sometimes it’s not good for your heart. It’s the best version ever. I think everyone needs a good party. ”