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DJI Mavic 3 is the first drone to get the European C1 sticker – picture and sound – news

DJI will upgrade its Mavic 3 drone which will give it C1 certification. According to DJI itself, it will be the first drone in the world to hold this certification. Without these certifications, very strict restrictions on drones would apply in the European Union from 2024.

DJI writes That the Mavic 3 should receive the relevant update in the last quarter of this year. While it certainly offers some liberties for Mavic 3 owners from 2024 to get this certification, it also appears that there are limitations. It is reported that the maximum distance that the drone can maintain with its subject in ActiveTrack mode is 50 metres. Who is he Mavic 3 . Manual Takes, sees that so far this maximum is 100 meters.

Another change in drone behavior is that assistantLED lights turn on or off automatically “depending on the environment”. In addition, the LED lights on the front of the drone will always flash when the vehicle is in operation. DJI says of these changes in behavior that they are “automatically activated in the EEC”, so it can be concluded that people can continue to fly 100 meters in ActiveTrack.

Anyone wishing to further comply with the new EU law on drones should also Operator ID In the plane so that the device transmits it during flights. In addition, a label with a C1 mark must be placed on the drone. Finally, registering with DJI is also part of the process, but it’s free.

Drones without the so-called Cx label will be placed in the Open A3 category after January 1. Most restrictions apply to all open classes, such as a mandatory distance of at least 150 meters from people and buildings. Thanks to its C1 certification, the Mavic 3 is also allowed to get close to people after drone legislation goes into effect, but not directly above it.

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The New legislation for drones Certainly not simple at first glance. It’s a set of rules that define things for old and new drones, now and in the near future. The advantage of the new regulations is that the rules are now unambiguous across the EU, so if the user knows the rules in the Netherlands, they will know them as well, apart from country-specific additions, while on vacation in another EU country.

DJI Mavic 3 It is a 2021 drone with two cameras, including a telephoto lens. The 5000 mAh battery provides a flight time of 46 minutes. maximum hoveringThe time is 40 minutes and the drone weighs 895 grams. The Mavic 3 Standard Edition costs €2,099 and includes the drone and controller. At the time of writing, only the Fly More combo package for the drone is available at Pricewatch. This includes extra batteries and a charging hub. The cost of this package is about 2,600 euros.