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Djokovic's family defends him at a press conference: A "difficult test" |  Tennis

Djokovic’s family defends him at a press conference: A “difficult test” | Tennis

His father, mother, and younger brother Djorje were seated at a table full of cups from Novak Djokovic. Dozens of microphones stood in front of them. They mainly told their story in Serbian.

“We are happy to see justice done,” he said. “We want to thank the judge and also everyone for the support.”

Djokovic’s mother said it was a scary hour for her. “He hasn’t had a phone in a while, so I didn’t know how my son was,” she said.

The family did not say where Djokovic now lives. “But he is free and he has already started training. He is an athlete and the best tennis player in the world.”

“Novak has always fought for the right to choose,” his brother said. “It’s hard to defend without offending others. But we believe everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want. We love everyone.”

“This is the biggest win of his career. This is more important than his Grand Slam titles.”

Not everyone got along with the family story. Some journalists wanted to know if Djokovic actually tested positive on December 16 and if he followed procedures after that. “All documents have been published,” his brother said.

Then he finished the press conference.

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