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Do you feel uncomfortable looking at the hairdresser?  So, "blind" hair salons without mirrors are the perfect solution |  Nina

Do you feel uncomfortable looking at the hairdresser? So, “blind” hair salons without mirrors are the perfect solution | Nina

Silent hairdressers We already know, but “blind” hairdressers seem to be a thing, too. Don’t you feel like staring in the mirror for hours, with wet hair, bags, and pimples? Then blind hairdressers are the perfect solution. You can now make an appointment at Cheveux Bizarre without mirrors. However, not everyone seems to be in favor. Sophie and Pascal, both barbershop owners, explain why they prefer not to mimic salons by painting only the walls.

The “blind” hairstylist trend is so alive in London that you’ll find an entire laundry list of salons offering mirrorless haircuts. The attacker was bitten by “Not another salon”. They want to boost the self-confidence of their clients. There also appears to be some enthusiasm for it in the Netherlands. In Belgium you can (for now) count hairdressers without a mirror with one hand, but they are right there.

Cheveux Bizarre in Tongerlo for example. They started with the concept in 2014 and crowned themselves as one of the first in our country. “I started the renovations in the salon and wanted to do something special. Hairdressers use a lot of mirrors, but I’ve noticed that clients don’t always find that kind of relaxing.”

Staring at yourself for hours with sleepy eyes

Director Van Sromsiri explains that the walls are very bare. “My clients find it most enjoyable, but we as a hairstylist also support it.”


Customers get nervous by looking at themselves. I like him better without; Because we can also work more quietly

Srumsiri fan, strange shifu

“Customers get nervous by constantly looking in the mirror. Then they focus on their flaws. Even those who schedule early in the morning don’t feel like staring at their bags or wrinkles. It’s also beneficial for us as hairdressers. We can work quietly, without following the client too closely.” I personally like it much better without a mirror.”

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Sroomserie fan © RV

So the fan is not closely monitored, but that takes some confidence, right? “That’s really what it’s about. I’m shocked sometimes at how quickly new clients give us such confidence. They say, ‘I’ve been a hairdresser for years, so you know better.’ I already have moving mirrors for that, which I store again.”


I always ask if the mirror can go or if they’d prefer to keep it. Almost no one chooses the latter

Srumsiri fan, strange shifu

“Although I leave the choice. I always ask if the mirror can go or if they’d prefer to keep it. Hardly anyone chooses the latter. Certainly not the men in my business. I notice that they prefer the mirrorless pieces. When we are done, we also look to the result in the mirror. That’s always a good thing, I’ve had quite a bit of counter-feedback, though the client couldn’t watch.”

Mirrorless: This isn’t the only innovative concept Van has committed. “We also have a round table. Clients can, if they wish, sit at that big table to hold each other for a while. That way they have more distraction, without having to look in the mirror.”

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© RV

“I only see the benefits for clients and for myself. It is wise to explain at the outset how you are going to cut, so that the client knows what to expect. This is more important than a mirror.”

essential tool

“Honestly, I didn’t know cutting without a mirror could be a thing,” admits Pascal van Lowenhout. he is creative director And the hairdresser in his own salon in Antwerp. “I don’t fully support it either and don’t really understand that,” he continues quickly. “Cutting is an intimate thing. You’re touching someone you don’t know right away. In addition, the mirror is important for communication, because you can show the client what you intend to do with the cut and that gives you confidence. I think you’ll get a much better result this way. A picture paints a thousand words.” “

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Pascal van Lowenhout

Pascal van Lowenhout © Benoit de Fraine

Pascal also points out that self-confidence is a big problem for many at this time. “We are based on perfect pictures. But I want to show people how beautiful you are before and after shaving. When you see how everything changes step by step, you get the perfect hair length and the right shape, the client can admire how beautiful it is. If we remove the mirror, you make a problem of undercutting Self-esteem is worse in the long run from my point of view.”

Self love number one

Sophie Schroen, founder of Bobhead at Dendermonde, also follows Pascal’s opinion. “A mirror ensures that you know what is beautiful in yourself, where your strength lies. We want clients to learn to love themselves, because everyone has something beautiful. Although I understand that they sometimes find a mirror unnecessary while coloring, which often takes about hours Hence our task is to give the client confidence in the process, and in my opinion this can only be achieved through a mirror.”

Sophie Schroen

Sophie Schroen © RV

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