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Doctors will vaccinate again - Genemuiden News

Doctors will vaccinate again – Genemuiden News

(Submitted by Genemuider General Practitioners) Now that coronavirus infections in Zwartewaterland are on the rise again and many people are seriously ill, GPs are noticing that unrest over Covid is growing. With the number of admissions to Isala from across the region, regular care on Isala is in danger of being discontinued, and there is also increasing pressure on care in general practices.

We note that people still want to be vaccinated, partly out of concern about infection and disease, and partly also because of the social impact of not being vaccinated.

In collaboration with GGD, general practitioners are offering everyone who has not yet been vaccinated the opportunity to get vaccinated:

On Tuesday, October 26, people can report to Steenpoort between 11:30 and 16:00 to get an mRNA vaccine from Pfizer or a Janssen vaccine. With the Pfizer vaccine, an appointment is made immediately for 2NS Injections, with Janssen vaccine only one injection is needed.

The vaccination is available to everyone from 12 years of age and over (up to 15 years of age accompanied by a parent/guardian). Bring valid ID and mouth cover.

You can make an appointment for a vaccination by your GP (phone number 038-3851200) but you can also inform the medical center next door to the Julianastraat 23A GP in Genemuiden, without an appointment. Call the clinic if you also want to get the flu shot around this time, which should be delayed after that.

With the opportunity that we present, we hope to increase the vaccination rate in Zwartewaterland and thus have more protection for the entire population against the coronavirus.

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General Practitioners of Genemuiden.

Posted by Robert Jansema