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Doe Pop scoffs at girls studying psychology: 'You can't handle me'

Doe Pop scoffs at girls studying psychology: ‘You can’t handle me’

Doy Bob is single again. The singer gets so much attention from women that many men dream of it, but Doi doesn’t serve her this much. He even found it so annoying that he made an obvious call on Facebook that they should leave him alone…

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“Will all the girls studying psychology in Amsterdam Oud-West stop texting me asking if I’d like a glass of wine with you,” Douwe sneered on Facebook. “Do yourself a favor, don’t try. You can’t deal with me.” said the angry singer-songwriter.

light relationship twinkle

Doi had a flashy relationship with Anuk for years, but that seems to be over now. In the new Grazia, he tells them that they recently broke off their relationship.

“My last girlfriend Anuk is not together now,” says Doe. “But you don’t know how it goes. I think we’re soulmates. Maybe one day it’ll be something again. We keep loving each other. But I wish her the best. Now if I meet a nice guy, I seriously think I’ll be very happy for her.” .


It is no longer a secret that Doi is attracted to women and men. For example, last week he shared a video of him kissing and embracing a man and giving him pet names like “Buttercup” and “Baby”.

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