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Donald Trump's phone records show a gap of nearly eight hours on the day the Capitol stormed

Donald Trump’s phone records show a gap of nearly eight hours on the day the Capitol stormed

The parliamentary committee investigating the January 6 attack fought a protracted legal battle for control of the day’s presidential statements. The ex-president has long tried to prevent the delivery of many documents, citing the reason for this being the secrecy of communications of the executive branch. without success. Now that they are on hand, the commission hopes these documents will shed light on the activities of the president and his closest aides during the intrusion.

Journalists from the Washington Post and CBS News gained access to the documents, and those records now show that the White House was silent for 457 minutes during the violent storm. Specifically: From 11:17 a.m. to 6:54 p.m., no calls from Trump were recorded.

However, there is extensive coverage of Trump’s phone conversations with allies that afternoon. It could be an indication that the then-president was communicating through informal channels, such as the employee’s phone or the disposable phone. In a statement to Washington Post Trump said Monday night that he had no idea what a “fire phone” is.

Records show that on January 6 there were two phone calls between the billionaire and former chief strategist Steve Bannon. The day before, Bannon said in a podcast that “everything is falling into place and now it’s time to attack.”

The Commission is currently investigating whether it has received the entire phone history for that day.