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Do's and don'ts to get the coveted festival ticket online: “Using different devices at the same time makes no sense” |  My guide

Do’s and don’ts to get the coveted festival ticket online: “Using different devices at the same time makes no sense” | My guide

independentTicket sales for many major festivals are approaching quickly. Some festivals, including Tomorrowland, are known to have venues that are not only expensive, but rare. Recently, Sunday tickets for Rock Werchter flew out the door in the blink of an eye. With interesting points and tips from independentbender.b Increase your chances of getting a ticket.

Year after year, Tomorrowland breaks records with pre-sale tickets. About 100,000 tickets will be issued within 45 minutes. But popular artists like Bruce Springsteen are also guaranteed a quick sale. Fans are often disappointed – without tickets.

However, you can increase your chances if you want to get tickets online by keeping some key points in mind. This way you will know that you did your best and that you will not be lucky if you are left empty-handed.

Your internet connection can determine whether you go out partying or stay home: This way you ensure a stable connection.

A man/woman who is ready deserves two

Of course, it all starts with sitting in front of your computer on time. But before you do that, it is best to make sure that you have an account with certain ticket booking sites. For example, the famous ticket manager. Create an account in advance so you don’t waste time at the moment of truth. This way you will no longer have to enter your personal data and payment details during the purchase process.

In the case of Tomorrowland, you must also register first on the festival website. You should have this information handy when purchasing tickets. Also make sure you have your bank card close to you and think in advance what and how many tickets you want.

Fast and stable internet connection

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To maximize your chances of success, a good and stable Internet connection is essential. A stable internet connection via your laptop or desktop computer is the best option for this. “With an Ethernet cable, you have a direct connection to your modem and thus to the Internet,” says Jeroen Bart, a computer scientist and contributor to the Nerdland podcast. “This way no interference can occur.”

It is not recommended to purchase tickets via your smartphone or tablet, as you have no choice but to browse wirelessly via WiFi. “It creates a weaker and slower connection that can have more problems.” This definitely applies if you want to order tickets on the go and browse over 4G or 5G.

Would you like to take advantage of high-speed home Internet? These are the fastest internet subscriptions in the country.

Different devices = greater opportunity?

To increase their chances of getting tickets, multiple people often try to use different devices at the same time. Does this make sense? “No,” Burt said. “Most ticketing systems filter website visitors by IP address. Your tablet, laptop and desktop connect via the same modem and therefore have the same IP address to the outside world. What can help is to try your home connection and your mobile connection over 4G or 5G. These are two networks Separate.

Does browser choice matter?

When you search for tips on the Internet, you will read here and there that choosing a specific Internet browser can give you an advantage. But Jeroen Burt qualifies: “As long as you’re using an updated version of a modern browser, it doesn’t really make a difference.” Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Brave: the choice is yours.

However, Jeroen Burt still has important advice. “It’s best to turn off your ad blocker. Blocking certain elements on a web page may hinder working with some ticketing systems.

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Renewal is not allowed

Finally, this: Updating your page is a very bad idea for several reasons. Firstly, there is a high probability that you will end up at the end of the queue again. Constantly clicking on Update to get first access can also put you at a disadvantage. “Too many requests may be viewed by the ticket system as a type of cyberattack and you will not be able to get in.”

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