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Dozens of new video calling features

Dozens of new video calling features

An update is coming to Telegram that focuses primarily on video calls and playback options for individual videos. What’s new, put Android Planet Of course you straight.

Read on after the announcement.

Telegram update: video calling and new features

An update for the popular chat app is being rolled out cable. Version 7.9 is packed with new features that mainly focus on videos and video calls. Through the developer’s blog we read about the set of new functions.

For example, it is now possible for a video call to reach 1,000 spectators. In such a conversation, there are up to 30 active participants who can share video images. Telegram says it will continue to expand the cap, so that all people in the world can participate in a single conversation.

Another novelty is that you can record videos in better quality than before. If you want to see some details of such a video, click on it to enlarge a bit. Videos can now be played at different speeds: 0.2, 0.5, 1.5 or 2.0x. Similar function to Voice messages were recently introduced to WhatsApp.

Are you recording a video while playing music on your device? Then the music will not stop playing automatically; Great for karaoke videos, for example. Also adding the so-called timestamps is added. If you share a video with this time code, the receiver can watch it from that moment on.

Other new features from version 7.9 include the ability to share your screen during conversations between two people. In addition, you can automatically delete messages after a month (instead of a day or a week), new animations have been added and you have more options than animated emojis.

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Download Telegram from de Play Store

You can download the chat application quickly and easily via the button below. Of course, there are more popular apps available for chatting. The most famous is WhatsApp. Other alternatives include Signal, Line or Snapchat.