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Dozens of people have died and gone missing in floods caused by severe weather in the United States

Meanwhile, Sunday evening (Belgian time) in the northeastern United States, The Tropical Storm Henry Land on Rhode Island, where 72,000 families are without electricity. There are about 30,000 families in the neighboring state of Connecticut and about 10,000 families in Massachusetts. Heavy winds and heavy rains in the northeastern states of New Jersey and New York in the United States are leading to floods and power outages. In total, at least 125,000 homes and businesses will be without electricity.

In Tennessee, authorities declared a state of emergency earlier and stopped the National Guard. 30 cm of rain fell in a short time in many parts of the state. Numerous rivers overflow in four districts west of the city of Nashville. Thousands of flights have been canceled in the region due to the storm. Many subway tunnels in New York were flooded. The rail link between New York and Boston was cut off.

Henry, which made landfall at 12:15 p.m. According to the National Hurricane Center NHC’s most recent measurements, wind speeds have dropped to 40 miles per hour. At sea it doubles. U.S. President Joe Biden on Sunday urged citizens to be vigilant and store supplies even if the winds are slightly weaker.

The NHC warns that the storm will subside in the next few hours and stagnate along the New York-Connecticut border. A lot more rain is expected.