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"Dry but refreshing, sometimes sun-kissed"

“Dry but refreshing, sometimes sun-kissed”

Precipitation areas below Limburg continue to fall today. So it stays dry with room for sun from time to time.

Although this sun is often obscured by high to medium clouds, just like on Tuesday. The temperature reaches a maximum between 10 and 12 ° C, depending on how long the sun is shining.

The wind comes from the northeast and becomes moderate for a while. As a result, you will feel fuzzy with your nose in the wind.

At night, the temperature drops until Thursday to reach freezing. The precipitation area will tilt against our county from the northwest. However, it is uncertain how far this precipitation will penetrate towards the southeast.

Because of the lower temperatures in both the lower and upper layers of the air, there is a possibility that this precipitation will fall in the northwest of the province in the form of snowmelt or snowmelt.

As the Earth warms, it is highly unlikely that this snow will remain for several hours unless the intensity of precipitation becomes so high that additional snow will fall faster than it can melt.

The further southeast the direction, the higher the temperatures and the smaller the probability of precipitation.

Watch the weather for the next few days here.

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