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Duraludon towers above everyone else in Pokémon: UNITE

Yes, it’s time to expand your team again. In Pokémon: UNITE, you can now take advantage of Duraludon, a fighter who can deal a lot of damage from distance and stay put. If he doesn’t have that victory in sight, I don’t know what will happen.

In his attack on his base, Duraludon unleashed a violent stream of light from his mouth, causing the enemy Pokémon he hit to hit. Every third time, this energy is also upgraded to a longer, more damaging beam. That’s not all, Doralodon can also stay in place with his heavy metal skills. Nobody can overthrow him and he is also protected from enemies who want to keep him away from the battlefield.

In addition to these qualities, Duraludon can learn to focus with a laser and a metal claw. With laser focus he protects himself from injury for a short time and with Metal Claw he limits enemy movement. Both powers are upgradeable, turning Duraludon into a teammate who can tear apart the ground and leave enemies watching helplessly.
Among many other possibilities, his defiant attack is not something to be ignored. With rotary ruin, our fighter spins while shooting a beam of light. If he hits an enemy with this, it damages him and protects himself with an extra shield.

Check out your new friend in action below, then maybe head over to the Unite Battle Committee to purchase a Unite license from Duraludon.