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Dutch company Maasvlakte may once again own the world's tallest windmill |  Environment

Dutch company Maasvlakte may once again own the world’s tallest windmill | Environment

There are plans on the table to install the world’s tallest windmill at Maasvlakte 2 near Rotterdam. The maximum height of the wind turbine tip should be 300 m, which is higher than the largest wind turbine located at the same site.

The municipality of Rotterdam says it has received an order to install wind turbines from the initiators of the world’s largest existing wind turbine. This so-called Haliade-X has been on the site of Sif, a Dutch offshore wind company, since the end of 2019. The current turbine is 260 meters high and produces 12 megawatts, enough power for 16,000 households. This wind turbine prototype is intended for offshore use and will be tested in its current location until 2024.

The new turbine, also used offshore, is scheduled to be located north of Haliade-X, at the Sif site. The maximum height of the shaft will be 170 m and the tip height will be a maximum of 300 m. This is well above the 185-meter Rotterdam Euromast and just below the 330-meter Eiffel Tower. This mill should have a capacity of about 15 megawatts. The initiators are studying how they can convert this into green hydrogen.

Rotterdam municipality supports the plan. “With this type of wind turbine, we will soon be able to generate the thousands of megawatts of clean energy offshore that we need to achieve our climate goals,” said Arno Bont, a local climate council member. It would be great if the people of Rotterdam could also build and maintain these windmills in the future. This will create a lot of job opportunities. “

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