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Dutch families can save an average of 538 euros a year –

Last Saturday, World Environment Day, organized by the United Nations (UN), focuses on raising awareness of how important the environment is and what we can do to protect the environment. In this context, the food box supplier Halofresh has conducted research * on food waste in Dutch homes. Food waste has been defined by the UN as a global challenge and part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Research shows that while almost all Dutch (94%) consider it necessary to combat food waste, 84 percent intend to reduce food waste at home, * but still have much to gain. This means that a household spends an average of 10.35 euros a week in the trash, which is not less than 538 euros a year **.

The main reason for high purchases

The main reason (36%) for Dutch household waste for their food waste is over-purchasing of a particular item *. Surplus you don’t usually have with the food box. For example, you waste an average of 21 percent less when cooking with a lunch box *.

Saman Degan is actively involved as a partner of the Eden Waste Foundation to combat Halofresh food waste. Victor Smits, Sustainability Manager at Halofresh, explains: “We only buy most of our products from our suppliers each week when all the boxes are ordered by our customers. This way we only order what we really need, not less anymore. Is there anything left over? Then it goes directly to the food bank. In addition, as a customer you will get the right amount of ingredients needed to cook your food. That way, the rest doesn’t end up in the trash. ”

Doin Timmermans, director of the Samon Degan Eden Wasteage Foundation, adds: “Smart purchases, tailor-made recipes, and proper storage of food help save less food at home. The number of each cap and excess fruit. We are pleased that Halofresh is committed to this. In this way, we make the Netherlands increasingly waste-free. ”

Can food waste be easily prevented by yourself?

Prevention is better than cure, especially in the case of food waste. Ann You will find simple tips for small changes with big change!

About research

* Representative survey conducted by Census White for Halofresh in March 2020 out of 1,011 respondents living in the Netherlands.

** Delegate Census for Halofresh, the 1,000 respondents living in the Netherlands in September 2020.

About Halofresh

Halofresh SE is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, France and Denmark. Halofresh refers to <0.2% of food waste in the chain and research shows that consumers with a food box waste 21% less food. In Q1 2021, Halofresh served 239.1 million meals to more than 7.3 million customers. Halofresh was founded in Berlin in November 2011 and has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since November 2017. Halofresh has offices in New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto, Auckland, Paris and Copenhagen.

Together against food waste

The Food Waste Foundation is an environmental organization of organizations and public organizations that join forces to achieve a common goal: to make the Netherlands one of the first countries in the world to halve food waste by 2030. Global example in realizing we are a pioneer and sustainable development goal 12.3. Together we make the Netherlands #free.

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