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Dutch formation is gaining momentum: the current government...

Dutch formation is gaining momentum: the current government…

The four current government parties in the Netherlands are negotiating to form a new government. This is what detective Johan Remix said when presenting his final report.

D66 now wants to negotiate new cooperation with other government parties. The curve of the D66 suddenly makes a turn around the Rutte III possible. In addition to the left-liberal D66, it concerns the right-wing liberal VVD of resigned Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the CDA Christian Democrats, and the Christian-Social ChristenUnie.

“It is not a continuation of the alliance, but really a new beginning,” said VVD leader Mark Rutte. Like VVD, D66 and CDA leaders earlier in the day, Remkes also says the existing coalition parties “really have to make a fresh start.”

And they want the negotiations to formulate a “brief” coalition agreement, according to Remix, in which more details will be left to the ministers. The intention is for the next phase of government formation to begin quickly.

Remix also advises that other parties from the “broad milieu” consider, for example, budget agreements and the content of the government program. They can even supply ministers. Remkes mentions fraternal parties PvdA, GroenLinks, Volt, SGP and Den Haan for this option.

PvdA and GroenLinks do not appear to be inclined to accept this “open invitation”, as are Volt, SGP and Fractie Den Haan. The negotiating parties have not yet reached that stage.

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