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Dutch police officer who was financing the house with criminal money can keep his job |  Abroad

Dutch police officer who was financing the house with criminal money can keep his job | Abroad

A police officer (48) from the Dutch National Unit who was financing his home with criminal money from his brother’s company was not allowed to be expelled. This was decided by the highest civil servants judge.

The Dutch client was involved in a criminal case in 2018. Public prosecutors accused him of money laundering. In 2004, the man took out a mortgage of 240 thousand euros from his brother’s company. It turns out that this money comes from investment fraud. Justice believes the agent knew it was criminal money, but the man had always denied it himself.

The brother of a police officer in Germany was sentenced in 2003 to 3.5 years in prison for investment fraud. He would have injected more than 30 million euros in illegal income. The German case prompted prosecutors to launch an investigation in the Netherlands years later. Then the brother was tried in two different cases: for fraud at a meat company and shortly thereafter for money laundering. The Public Prosecution Service states, among other things, that millions of properties in the Netherlands and Germany were purchased by family members through questionable mortgage constructions. So the agent was one of the buyers, so he was arrested for money laundering in 2018.


The Assize Court ruled in March last year that the customer was unlikely to know anything about the source of the funds. The mortgage was offered on much better terms than other banks, and in 2012, after a fire in his house, the guy received an additional loan of more than twenty thousand euros. The interest was also reduced without penalty, after the agent had not paid any interest at all in the previous two years. He himself stated that the irregular payments had to do with the fact that it was a halal mortgage. However, the court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to consider money laundering proven; The agent was acquitted.

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The police chief dismissed the officer shortly after his arrest. That did not change the verdict of innocence.

The agent appealed the dismissal decision before the Administrative Court, but to no avail. On appeal, the man’s health is proven after three years and his dismissal is overturned.