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Dutch royals throw festive looks from the Treasury: “The button …

Dutch royals throw festive looks from the Treasury: “The button …

The Dutch royals can, literally and figuratively, pull out all the stops on Wednesday evening to shine. This time during the AvroTros party in Amsterdam Carre in preparation for the upcoming Queen’s birthday party. They sure couldn’t escape wearing a simple jacket or cocktail dress, as the dress code was appropriate.

The faded color image was not the first impression of the royal family’s clothing. And no boring symmetrical forced image, everyone seems to be loyal to their own looks and choose their own color palette.

Photo: EPA-EFE


Queen Maxima is of course again the gleaming centerpiece in a “Spirograph” dress with a psychedelic print by whimsical Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. The name for the extravagant Lady Gaga regularly falls if she wants to invent something special. The robe has two layers of “bare” base, with a blue fabric printed on top of voile. Due to the translucency at the top, the queen appears to have bare shoulders, but if you look closely, you can see that she has a sheer top with sleeves. The pretty and the plain is a mixture of turquoise print in the dress with green jewels to contrast with the long necklace, earrings and matching hairpin.

Dutch royals take a festive look from the Treasury:
Photo: EPA-EFE


Maintaining a love for colorful prints, Amalia wears a Needle & Thread frill dress with a slim-waistband. An amazing accessory is the Hippie Beach bracelet with a heart on the left wrist. This dress is definitely not picky and could come from the Dolce & Gabbana collection. Amalia seems to love high heels and this time she may have fallen in love with Louboutin with the famous red sole due to the party setting. Her tip if she wants to wear the same dress a little more “ loosely ” for a less formal occasion: Combine it with ankle-heeled shoes or cowboy boots for a true hippie look!

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Alexia’s green layered crimp dress is her favorite brand Maje and she feels just right at home there. With a deep neck, because the middle princess dares to do so. Also a matching robe is a lot of fun: A sky-high espadrille (10-12 cm at least) with a black wedge heel makes the whole thing a little frivolous and less skilled.

Dutch royals take a festive look from the Treasury:
Photo: AFP

I see that

Ariane wears a beautiful embroidered dress from the same brand as her older sister: Needle & Thread. This appears to be a more affordable variant of a real Jan Taminiau Couture dress that also features this style with lots of hand embroidery. Although the dress looks a bit mature for a little girl from a distance, it is also very playful up close due to the delightful red / pink embroidery. Ariane also has a matching robe / shawl, an item that all three princesses appreciate and that their mom might have given them a baby shower.

It is also possible that the princesses may have searched in the mother’s jewelry box. Earrings and jewelry, as well as bags and clutches, could be borrowed from Queen Maxima.

Princess Beatrix

Princess Beatrix shares the joy but wore all the modesty in navy blue. The skirt is actually way too short for a party attire, because it has to fall on the shoe. The cobalt blue top looks lovely on the princess and is one of her favorite colors. And in imitation of the Maxima, it is now also a fan of the elegant cape, which is an especially useful item in fine weather, just like this shiny one.

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King Willem Alexander

King Willem Alexander shines among his women in an impeccable Italian suit, but the button can be undone. Looks like he celebrated a purple tie for King’s Day as a favorite and took over recycling from the ladies.