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Dutch Samsung Galaxy S10 gets One UI 4.1 update

One UI 4.1 is running, and it’s now up to Samsung Galaxy S10 in the Netherlands. Here, too, the March patch and rolling GOS are on board. The game improvement service, And therefore.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Update

Galaxy S10 update: One UI 4.1 and more

The Galaxy S10 series is the first to really benefit from Samsung’s improved update policy in quite some time. At the time of launch, we assumed the devices would receive two major Android upgrades. It turned out later Additional promotion to be in the program – and I arrived at the beginning of this yearIn the form of Android 12 and OneUI 4.0. And now, at the end of March, another significant hardware upgrade is underway.

As of today, you can also install One UI 4.1 on the Dutch Galaxy S10. This is the interface version recently launched with Galaxy S22 series. A number of features of this device are now also coming to the S10.

Downloading about 1 GB brings devices to firmware version G97 * FXXUEHVC6. Contains a new security patch – That’s March – A single user interface 4.1. After installation you can use the file smart widget use. This is a tool that allows you to combine the content of various user interface elements.

The colors you use color palette Settings now appear in more apps. And in the virtual working memory function RAM Plus You can finally choose how much RAM to add. In addition, a large number of Samsung applications are improved in a more or less precise way: Smart Switch, Find SmartThings, Samsung Health, And the area

Then there is the new Game improvement service (Commonwealth of Independent States). after Riots over unwanted optimization behavior Samsung has added a new performance mode. You can find it via Game player More -> Game Booster -> Labs -> Other Games Performance Management System


One UI 4.1 upgrade is now available directly at without brand S10, S10e and S10+ in the Netherlands. All other models – Vodafone and T-Mobile branded, Belgian appliances – you have to be patient. And as always follows Galaxy S10 Lite In its own way anyway.

Did you get the upgrade on your Galaxy S10? Did everything go well, or did you encounter new errors after installation?

(Thanks, cos!)