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EA Wants Connected Battlefield Universe, Reshaping Studios

EA Wants Connected Battlefield Universe, Reshaping Studios

EA . owns Jamespot He told us they had big plans for the Battlefield series and the way the different studios would work together from now on. Central to this is the creation of a “connected battlefield world”, in which several projects will be linked together, with the player in the middle. Battlefield should grow and offer different experiences and revenue models, such as the upcoming Battlefield Mobile (2022).

The above explanation, somewhat ambiguous, comes from Vince Zembella, one of the founders and current CEO of Respawn Entertainment. He will be the boss of the entire Battlefield franchise. Halo designer Marcus Lehto has also been hired who will establish his studio in Seattle. This studio should focus on storytelling and deepening the characters in the Battlefield universe, in collaboration with DICE and Ripple Effect. Meanwhile, Oscar Gabrielson, the current General Manager of DICE, is looking for a “position elsewhere” and is leaving EA.

Initially, more content will be primarily worked on in and around Battlefield 2042 for the upcoming seasons. The Seattle-based studio Lehto will be expanding the game’s story, which came without a single-player campaign. Meanwhile, Ripple Effect is working on a new take on the Battlefield 2042 universe, while continuing to support the Portal mode they’ve developed.

It’s all still a bit unclear, but these are big changes behind anyway. It’s clear that EA Battfield is preparing for the future and is a far cry from finishing Battlefield 2042. Fortunately, because it can be read in reconsidering From Ruff, there is still much to improve.

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