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Eddie Snelders puts Tedesco's praise in perspective and sees one demon chased: 'It's not like his club' |  Red Devils

Eddie Snelders puts Tedesco’s praise in perspective and sees one demon chased: ‘It’s not like his club’ | Red Devils

Do you also think that Belgium vs Serbia was a mediocre match? National coach Domenico Tedesco then used the words “amazing” and “amazing” to evaluate the performance of some of the boys. However, our analyst Eddie Snelders sets the record straight: “We actually had no use for this.”

We thought there were no big outliers for the Red Devils against Serbia.

However, national team coach Domenico Tedesco used some euphemisms in his press conference afterwards. For example, he used the words “remarkable” and “astonishing” to describe the achievements of Intruder, Vermeerin, and Debast.

Undoubtedly well intentioned, but according to our analyst Eddie Snelders, a bit overdone.

“Because you have to put the value of the practice into perspective,” he says.

“The strength was very far from what awaits us in the European Championship. In fact, it was not helpful for me. For me, there are no players who moved to the bench after this match.”

For example, Snelders believes right-backs Zino Debast and Amine El Dakhil have not been tested enough.

“Serbia did not go into the matches with complete conviction and did not react sharply at all. As a result, the Belgians were put under very little pressure in defence. You could see that it became more difficult for us in the end – and it is no coincidence then.” Replace Mitrovic and Tadic.”

“Debast did not play in his usual position, but in the recent past he faced greater problems in his best position with the national team. Then the question marks at right-back do not disappear suddenly, do they?”

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Ghosts at rush hour

What about the midfielders?

For example, has Youri Tielemans – who has been disappointing for the Devils in recent months – been able to recover?

“I thought it was better than previous international matches,” Snelders said. “Before half-time, he sent Obinda wide twice very well. It’s good to see he still has that form in him. He needs to play more minutes at Aston Villa towards the European Championship, because he faded again in the second half.” half .”

“I thought Vermeeren’s ability to get to the ball was less compared to his matches in Antwerp. The game was a little bit behind him. Is that why it was bad? Absolutely not. But excellent? No.”

“Well, Tedesco undoubtedly wants to put these guys in the spotlight to boost their confidence, but as an analyst I don’t agree with that.”

Obinda often creates chances himself with his depth and pace, but the finishing prowess at his clubs is lacking.

Eddie Snelders

Finally, Snelders points out another negative point: Luis Obinda also did not score against Serbia for the Devils. However, there were plenty of chances last night.

This means his counter will remain at zero for the national team in the 2023 calendar year – a stark contrast to his impressive numbers at Lens and RB Leipzig.

“Openda was unable to exorcise her demons,” Snelders says.

“Of the four good options, I think at least two have been allowed. Be careful: Obinda often creates chances himself with his depth and pace, but the finishing prowess for his clubs is missing. Also against Austria and in the European Championship. “This was It is the case. “We hope there will be a turning point soon.”