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Eight injured in ‘sharp object’ attack in Swedish city, police consider terrorism | Abroad

In Sweden, eight people were injured in an attack by a sharp object. The culprit, presumably a man in his twenties, is said to have been shot in the leg by police. He was taken to hospital. Two will be seriously injured.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in the southern Swedish city of Wetland. Police suspect it was a terrorist crime. A police spokesman told a Swedish newspaper that a large number of people had been taken away by ambulance Uptonbladet. “Some are seriously injured, others are slightly injured.”

The possible motive of the culprit is not yet clear. The Swedish newspaper reported that the injured culprit has not yet been investigated. Rail traffic is said to have been halted near the town, which has a population of 13,000.

Previous attacks

Sweden has been the target of at least two attacks since 2010. In December 2010, a suicide bomber struck in central Stockholm. He was killed and passersby were slightly injured.

In 2017, an extremist Muslim drove a stolen truck over pedestrians in Stockholm and killed five people. A rejected asylum seeker from Uzbekistan was sentenced in 2018 to life in prison.