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Elaborately designed compact kitchen

Elaborately designed compact kitchen

Compact living doesn’t mean there’s no room for stylish designs. Interior designer Lotta Agaton proves it with her latest projects. This small kitchen exudes elegance and sophistication, thanks to beautiful natural colors, high-quality materials, and functional storage areas. Scandinavian design became part of the Nordiska Kök kitchen collection.

Lotta Agaton Interiors was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2004 by Lotta Agaton and is currently one of the leading interior design studios in Scandinavia. They focus on interior decoration, design and furnishing projects for both commercial and private spaces around the world. Each project is tailor-made and completely tailored to the client’s wishes and needs. The studio has a passion for sustainable quality and strongly believes in the positive effects of good furniture, no matter what the space is: big, small, commercial…the furnishing of this small kitchen is therefore perfectly in line with Agaton’s vision. That’s why she worked with her daughter Filippa and Nordiska kök, a Swedish company that designs and sells personal kitchens. This kitchen was designed specifically for a compact home, without compromising on style and function. This kitchen is a mixture of pure minimalism Shaker style and Scandinavian style that has a homey and minimalist vibe. It gives this kitchen a chic and timeless look, which is enhanced by the natural color palette. On the other hand, a lot of attention was paid to functional designs when designing this kitchen. For example, the oven is hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets, as are the drawers for cutlery and kitchen utensils. Refrigerator, freezer, oven, stove and dishwasher are seamlessly integrated. The cabinets open themselves with a light touch, thanks to the SERVO-DRIVE system. Thanks to such a thoughtful layout, the kitchen has all the necessary equipment, despite the compact space. In addition, Agaton used high-quality materials, such as strong oak. According to her, when furnishing a small house, you should choose the best materials, rather than be content with cheaper alternatives. Since you have limited space, it won’t be too expensive. In this regard, compactness is a huge advantage.

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Compactness can actually be a huge advantage.

So you see that a small apartment can have a lot of sophistication and elegance, thanks to the practical design, high-quality materials and aesthetic finishing. This requires a professional vision that both Agaton and Nordiska Köks possess. So we’re curious about what both of them will achieve in the future.

Photos courtesy of Nordiska Cook
Photo by Christopher Johnson