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Ellen DeGeneres Shares the Trailer for the 19th and Final Season of Her Talk Show: “We Donated Half a Billion Dollars” |  Famous People

Ellen DeGeneres Shares the Trailer for the 19th and Final Season of Her Talk Show: “We Donated Half a Billion Dollars” | Famous People

Famous PeopleAfter at least nineteen seasons, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will end on September 13. What we can only expect last season, we haven’t yet been able to see from the 63-year-old talk show host. But DeGeneres clearly felt like looking into the past. In a promotional video for last season, we’ll see what the popular talk show has actually accomplished.

“We donated half a billion dollars,” is what appears in the promotional video for the final season of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The talk show host has already given a lot of money in recent years to people or organizations who have needed it, but in the video we get some pretty cool numbers from Ellen. In 2017, for example, 41 scholarships were awarded to students at Summit Academy in Brooklyn. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres has already joined at least 4,000 celebrity guests, including Michelle Obama, Sandra Bullock, and George Clooney.

No more challenge

In May, news broke that The Ellen DeGeneres Show was coming to an end after nineteen seasons. In an interview with The Post, Elaine said that her contract expired in 2022. As an official reason, she stated that the show was not a challenge anymore. However, the timing of her departure was very suspicious. Just before its announcement, a report was published in which a number of (former) employees spoke about their experience with the series. Several producers were accused of racism and inappropriate behavior. In addition, all the witnesses told that the talk show was not a pleasant place to work and that DeGeneres himself was largely responsible for it. On the penultimate season of her talk show, Eileen responded to the accusations. “I take these stories very seriously and want to say sorry to the people involved in these stories. I am responsible for what happened behind the scenes here.”

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(Read more below the video.)

Ellen DeGeneres may have stopped her talk show, but that doesn’t mean her TV career is over. The talk show host will continue to be shown regularly on the small screen. It also continues to operate as a producer. Currently, her name is associated with many projects such as “Ellen’s Game of Games”, “The Masked Dancer”, “Ellen’s Next Great Designer” and “Endangered”.

The nineteenth and final season of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” will air on September 13.

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