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Elliot Page on transgender: "Surgery has my life ...

Elliot Page on transgender: “Surgery has my life …

Elliot Page gave Oprah Winfrey a TV interview for the first time since he revealed himself as a transgender person in December. Elliott Page’s interview with Oprah turned into a particularly emotional conversation, as the actor tears in his eyes multiple times.

Paige reported how he felt after the operation. People should know that not only did it change my life, but I believe it saved my life. This is also the case for many others.

The actor says he could really be himself for the first time since he was around ten years old. Get out of the shower and towel wrapped around your waist and then look at yourself in the mirror and Here I am Thinking without panic, it’s unbelievable.

Paige now says he was not doing well at the time of the making of the hit movie Juno. “It was a difficult time,” he said. I remember how impossible it was to communicate with people about how bad I was feeling. There was a lot of enthusiasm that the movie was such an unexpectedly big hit that I even became very famous.

More and more people are expressing themselves as trans people. Think singer Sam Bettens, journalist Bo Van Spilbeeck, or actor Elliot Page. But what does that mean to be transgender? We ask five questions to people who may know.

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