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Energy Minister: “The official European green light for CRM is expected in the near future” |  interior

Energy Minister: “The official European green light for CRM is expected in the near future” | interior

The European Commission has started the procedure for its final decision on the CRM Support Mechanism. This was stated by Energy Minister Tine van der Straiten (Green). The official green light is expected in the near future.

CRM or Capacity Rewards Mechanism aims to attract investors to build new energy capacity with the help of subsidies. This should ensure that security of supply is not jeopardized after the phase-out of nuclear power in 2025. It will be needed, among other things.

Part of the support will be distributed in the first auction in October. But the European Commission is still investigating whether there has been any illegal state aid. The auction cannot take place without the ruling of the European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager.


A final decision is now on the horizon, says the Department of Energy Tine van der Straiten. The same minister made this clear earlier this week during an interview in Terzake. “Following constructive discussions in recent months between the European Commission services and the Minister and her team, the European Commission has confirmed that the procedures for the final decision on the Belgian investment mechanism have begun,” she said in a press release.

The minister is also confident in the good result. An official green light from the European Commission is expected in the near future. “This means that after the commission’s approval, Belgium will be able to hold its first auction in October.”

According to Van der Straiten, the work of the federal government is now largely over and it is up to “all governments and authorities in this country to take their responsibility and make the energy transition a success story.” “There are many projects awaiting development, including projects related to renewable energy, demand management, batteries, storage and other flexible capacities.”

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Flemish Brabant County recently denied a permit to build a new gas-fired power plant in Vilford, despite a positive recommendation from the Regional Environmental Permits Committee. According to the producers of electricity and gas, united in the professional association Febeg, the permit procedure is very complicated and the security of supply is threatened.