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Energyhub provides businesses with lively space on the Waterlaat in Bergeijk

Energyhub provides businesses with lively space on the Waterlaat in Bergeijk

The De Waterlaat industrial park in Bergijk has its first experimental battery. The power center should provide more electrical power to connected businesses and promote sustainability through local energy sharing.

Jan Rietdyk, Steve Luyten, Jaap Levlang, and Leon van Leeuwen at Lemmens Metaalwerkers

Electrical energy is released through intelligent energy sharing and the installation of additional energy in the form of batteries. Electricity is measured for companies participating in the center. This data is stored in the cloud. This results in an aggregated profile, as it becomes clear that companies never reach their highest peaks simultaneously. Through measurement and forecasting, more power becomes available than seems possible on paper to the grid operator. Instead of individual contracts, the hub operator manages one shared contract for the network operator and individual contracts for telecom owners.

The project is a collaboration between Kempisch OndernemersPlatform (KOP), Energy Freedom, Alius, the municipality of Bergeijk and local entrepreneurs. Through the joint initiative, participants are concluding agreements on how to trade power and energy with each other, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the industrial park.

Proof of concept

The system serves two purposes: it provides additional electrical power to the company and serves as a proof of concept for adding power to multiple companies in the future. The pilot battery system was installed by installation company Burgmans & Alewijns at Lemmens Metaalwerkers.

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