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English footballers enter a proud Wickman press conference

England soccer players have disrupted their national coach Sarina Wickman’s press conference after the European Championship final. After extra-time in the final against Germany, the 52-year-old burst into the Wembley press room and started singing and dancing. They sang the famous song ‘Football’s Coming Home’. Keeper Mary Earps and defender Lucy Bronze climbed onto the table where Wiegman was sitting.

The Dutch coach watched it all with a smile. “It’s quintessentially English,” Weickman said. “But yes, we’ve won the cup and it’s unbelievable what we’ve done. Of course you hope in advance that it’s going to turn out like this. It’s great that it’s worked out.”

Five years ago Wikmann led the Dutch footballers to the European title in their home country at the European Championship and now he has done the same in England. “I still don’t fully understand. It’s the second time in a row for me and my assistant Arjan Vering. I need some time to let it all sink in.”

Wiegmann’s side beat record champions Germany in the final 2–1 after extra time in front of nearly 90,000 spectators at Wembley. After the final whistle, she flew into Wiering’s arms and then kissed a bracelet on her right wrist. “That bracelet belongs to my sister. She died while preparing for this European Championship. I miss her, she is my friend. I felt she was here too, she was at the bar. She is very proud of me. I of her.” Wiegmann celebrated the European Championship title with a beer. “I drank beer for the first time in years, and I didn’t like it, but I enjoy it now.”

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The national coach realizes expectations are even higher in England ahead of next year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. “They will go through the roof. But winning this European Championship is not easy and next year it won’t be. Countries like Germany, France, Spain are very, very strong. Sweden too. The leading countries will grow, but the countries below the top like Belgium and Austria. Especially in Europe it’s getting closer and closer. It’s coming. Now it’s time to celebrate and relax. Then we still have to qualify for the World Cup in September. It’s great to see. What this tournament has done for our sport and for women in society, not just in England, but Europe and the world. We’ve changed society.”